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Buying A Home

From Your First Home to Your Dream Home

Lifelong Real Estate Guidance

Jason Golden doesn’t see buying a home as a one-time transaction that simply enhances your quality of life. Purchasing a home is also an opportunity to achieve financial stability, to build generational wealth, and to progress toward your dream home.

That’s why we’re here from your first home to your last…

First-Time Homebuyers

Move Into Your First Home Within 30 Days With $0 Down Payment, No Matter Your Credit Score
Our experienced real estate team is uniquely positioned to deliver a premier purchasing process for first-time homebuyers. We don’t just find you the perfect home and walk you through every step of the buying process. We also deliver the guidance that gives you confidence as a first-time homebuyer; the type of guidance that can maximize your wealth and set you up for long-term real estate success.

Credit Score

It’s a misconception that you need a 700 credit score to purchase a home. Our advanced knowledge of first-time homebuyer assistance programs means you could obtain a favorable loan for a home with little to no down payment even with a low credit score!

Down Payment

Should you save up to put 20% down and avoid paying private mortgage insurance? Or should you act now and take advantage of today’s low interest rates? We’ll listen to your needs, evaluate your situation, and find the best course of action for you.

Find Homes Under $300,00
In Dallas, Grand Prairie, Irving, and Arlington
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Upgrading or Downsizing?

Life is full of constant change, some bigger than others. We understand that the more significant changes often lead to a need to find a new home. Whether your family is growing and you’re seeking a larger property…or part of your family is starting their own journey and giving you a chance to downsize, we’ll be there to achieve your short-term needs while keeping an eye firmly on your long-term goals.

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The Golden Path

Get a Free Copy of The Golden Path to Home Ownership

Created from the experienced mind of Jason Golden, The Golden Path to Home Ownership is a blueprint that guides you through the home buying process. It breaks down complex real estate topics into simple ideas, lays out a step-by-step format to follow, and arms you with the resources and tools you need to lay a powerful foundation for your long-term real estate endeavors.
Get a free copy of The Golden Path to Home Ownership by attending a Jason Golden’s Homebuyer Webinar!

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Areas In Which Jason Golden Operates

Schedule a virtual consultation or get in touch with Jason Golden to find the perfect home for your unique wants and needs in the Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston Metros and surrounding cities such as:

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