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Achieving Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

Developing a Long-Term Plan to Grow Your Wealth
Reaching success through real estate investment requires special attention to the here and now while never taking your eyes off the end goal. We understand that strategic investments and creative solutions can lead to the financial security of your family for generations, which is why our real estate investment clients receive the appropriate level of ambition and desire in every idea, strategy, and plan we create.

With Jason Golden and Once Real Property Group, you will receive…

  • Priority access to investment-targeted properties. These are properties with the most potential to flip for a high profit.
  • A custom “Value Added Report” for each property you own. This report lays out which renovations will add the most value to the property, thereby increasing your profit potential at every stage.
  • Access to our premier list of home service professionals. So, once you identify the renovations you wish to make, we make it easy to get the job done by matching you with the perfect professional at the perfect price.
  • Free staging services at the time of sale. Staging enhances the value of a vacant property. On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than unstaged homes!

And we’ll handle every aspect of the real estate investment process along the way!

Analysis | Negotiation | Acquisition | Adding Value | Property Management | Disposition

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Buy | Rehab | Rent | Refinance | Repeat
If you’re interested in BRRRR real estate investing—buying and fixing up a property, renting it out for income and to build equity, then refinancing to buy an additional rental property—this is the perfect place for you.

We don’t just identify perfect opportunities, give you guidance on how to maximize rental income and profit potential, and help you refinance properties. We also give you the impactful tips you need to optimize your BRRRR strategy.

Tip #1: Target Distressed Properties
These distressed properties often come in the form of disclosure or short sales. The key is to find cheap property that’s for sale below market value and has significant rehab potential. Rather than fixing and flipping a property, you’ll be rehabbing the home in order to rent it out.

Luckily, Jason Golden and the Once Real Property Team are here to identify the best options for YOUR BRRRR strategy.

Tip #2: Focus On the Rehab That Makes the Property Livable
Again, you’re not fixing and flipping, so you don’t need to renovate every aspect of the home into a finished product. That will cost you too much time and money for a successful BRRRR plan. Instead, focus on the core rehab projects that will A) make the property livable, B) make finding tenants easier, and C) increase the amount of rent you can charge.

These may include fixing a leaky roof, repairing a broken heating system, and refinishing hardwood floors.

Tip #3: Make Positive Cash Flow a Priority
After the rehab step, you should focus on finding tenants. But rather than fixating on how quickly you get tenants in, strongly consider how much you can charge. It would certainly be worth waiting a month to get tenants in if the ones who can move in later will pay $200 more each month.

By generating higher cash flow—the money left over from rental income after covering rental expenses—you’ll have a better chance of getting the property refinanced by the bank.

Ready to get started on your BRRRR journey? Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve success from start to finish.

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